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Dealing with rodent problems.

Dealing with rodent problems.

Dealing with rodent problems.

During the colder months rodents and critters can't resist taking refuge in a warm, cozy home. If you see one mouse in the house, it's likely there are more. Female mice can give birth to a litter of 3-14 young 5 to 10 times a year. Here are some helpful ways for dealing with a rodent problem in and around your home.

The Snap Trap:

First patented by William C. Hooker the classic spring-loaded mousetrap is still the most popular solution. Baiting these traps with a tiny amount of peanut butter is very effective. Place the trap where you think there are mice. Place near a wall as mice rarely cross open spaces. Check the trap frequently and if you don't catch anything in the first 48 hours, try moving the trap to a new location. Affordable and effective. Price Range: $2-$6 per trap.

Glue Boards:

These traps are equally effective against rodents and insects alike, the adhesive coating stopping critters in their tracks. Most glue traps use a scented adhesive and no bait is necessary. If you do choose to add additional baits, do not use oil based foods like peanut butter as this will degrade the adhesive. These traps sometimes do not kill the animal and some people choose to avoid use of these traps. For anyone wishing to attempt release of the animal from the trap, wearing gloves hold the trap over a bucket and pour vegetable or mineral oil onto trap. Using a blunt object, apply pressure to animal and release. Price Range: $1-$3 per trap.

Baits & Poisons:

If the problem is more then a few mice, poison may be the solution. Pet owners and parents of small children need to take extra caution when using lethal baits and poisons. Please read and follow all directions on the package. As of January 1st 2013 new restrictions regarding the sale and use of certain poisons came into affect for Ontario residents. Price Range: $5-$15 for single use stations to multipacks.

Catch and Release Traps:

If you don't want to kill the mouse, you can use a live trap. These traps are typically reusable and require bait. You will have to find a suitable place to release the mouse and these traps don't guarantee the mouse won't return. Price Range: $4-$12 per trap.

Sonic Deterrents:

Ultrasonic devices repels mice and rats from areas using high frequency soundwaves. In theory the rodents find the noise unpleasant to be around and the sound is not harmful to humans, cats and dogs. There is very limited data on how well these devices work for household pest control. If you do some research you will find studies on both the pro and con for the effectiveness of sonic repellers. This is a interesting article regarding sonic deterrents. Price Range: $10-$25 per device

Problems with Rodents Outside:

To help eliminate mice and rats from your yard, you can use an outdoor bait station and large spring loaded rat traps. Please be careful to make sure pets and children cannot access or tamper with traps or bait stations. Ultimately you should be removing all sources of food from around your house that might be attracting them. A few places to start looking for food sources include garbage storage, outdoor pet dishes and wild bird feeders.

Keeping pests out!

You can take steps to help keep rodents out of your house in the first place. Examine your home looking for weak points. Cracks in mortar, spaces between molding, holes around pipes and wires. Start with stuffing steel wool into any gaps you suspect are entry points. Finally seal all cracks and gaps with the caulk/sealer. At Homewise Hardware we would be happen to assist you with choosing the appropriate products.

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