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Crayola Side Walk Chalk - 2 asst.

Crayola Side Walk Chalk - 2 asst.

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Crayola Side Walk Chalk - 2 asst.

Washable outdoor side walk chalk 2 styles to pick from:
Super Bright Colors 15pk
3D Side Walk Chalk 5 double sided pieces with 3D glasses

Does 3D chalk really work?... YES!

The secret to the 3D is all in the glasses, and once you learn which colors to mix, any leftover chalk or new chalk you buy will give you a 3D effect. The effect will be best with bold colored chalks.

The 3D glasses use a technology called “Chromadepth” which separates color to create an illusion of depth. Red will appear closer to you—like it's floating off the surface. Blue looks farther way. Colors in between will fall in the middle. A drawing that combines several colors will actually appear to have many depths. You'll get really interesting results when you use more colors, especially if warm and cool colors are drawn close to each other. Standing up and examining a drawing from directly overhead (and a little farther away than if you're sitting) will make even more depth appear.

The 3D glasses can even be used for rainy day fun inside. Just use the glasses with ordinary crayons on white paper.

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