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Remove Wax from Carpet

Remove Wax from Carpet

Remove Wax from Carpet

1) Place a sheet of brown paper bag (not plastic!) over the spot.
Place it at the edge of the stain and place a towel under the part of the bag that's not on top of the stain. You'll be moving the bag as the wax saturates into it and you don't want to spread the mess any further.

2) Set iron at warm setting. DO NOT get it too hot as it will melt the bag too. Do not use steam setting.

3) Iron over the paper bag, slowly. Wax will absorb onto the paper bag and out of the carpet.

4) Move to a clean part of the paper bag as the wax saturates the paper. Slide the saturated bag section onto the towel.
Don't leave the iron on any spot for too long; you don't want to end up burning anything.

5) If after you removed the wax your have a stain. Rub the spot with rubbing alcohol. Place a cloth over the stainand reapply the iron with the steam setting on. The dye should seep into the cloth and away from the carpet.

6) For good measure, clean the area again with a quality carpet cleaner and vacuum the area after once dry.

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