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Chef Cuckoo!

Chef Cuckoo!

3 − 8 Players
Ages 7+
20 Minutes
Part #:0390530
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Chef Cuckoo!

Armed with a stack of ingredient cards and a given food challenge, you need to create the best - or worst - meals with Chef Cuckoo. Yes, the challenge in Chef Cuckoo! is not always to make the most delicious dish as sometimes you'll be tasked with creating an awful meal. Can you whip up the yuckiest soup? The most sensational pizza?

In Chef Cuckoo!, the player chefs first shop for six ingredient cards, then they arrange them creatively to create one special dish with three ingredients, creating an appropriate name and evocative description while doing do. All all players have presented their creations, each chef awards one star to what they think is the tastiest or the most disgusting dish. The chef awarded the most voting stars is dubbed "Chef Cuckoo"!

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Wow, this is in every recespt what I needed to know.

Jimbo @ 1/3/2017 8:57:45 PM
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