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Kaladesh Gift Box

Kaladesh Gift Box

  • A storage box that holds more than 800 cards
  • Six illustrated plastic dividers
  • Stickers for customizing the dividers
  • Five Kaladesh booster packs
  • An alternative art Chief of the Foundry
  • 20 card Kaladesh basic land pack
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Kaladesh Gift Box

The perfect gift for the Magic player who has everything! The marvelous Inventors' Fair has the plan of Kaladesh buzzing with excitement - and now you can invite your favorite Magic player to join the celebration. Put wondrous creatures, ingenious artifacts, and powerful vehicles at their command with Matgix: The Gathering Gift Box. Able to hold over 800 cards, this box includes the tools every player needs to store, organize, and reinvent their collection.

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